Europe travel news: status of restrictions in EU countries, travel recovery for summer, Airbnb regulation

espelette village in france, basque region: a shop with chef and bar on the pavement
Espelette, France in the Basque region.

News for April 2021

EU countries officially agree to digital health pass, available by summer

To make travel in Europe easier, EU has decided to introduce a health pass that will include information about passholder’s Covid-19 status. A … Read the Story

Ebook news digest: ebooks on Instagram, new EU laws troubling Google, circumstances that make readers

News on ebooks, writing and copyright

man holding an open book behind his back

French and German publishers unite to fight Google’s refusal to pay them copyright fees

Get ready for a long fight between major newspapers and Google (in Europe, at least). EU approved a new copyright directive earlier in … Read the Story

Ebook news digest: slow news, first time at a book fair, writers need a Plan B

News on ebooks, writing and self-publishing

man reading old bulletin board news. Photo by Filip Mishevski.
Why slow journalism and limited amount of news is growing a following

Nieman Lab has a story that you should read slowly and digest properly because a new trend is developing: slow journalism. Information overload and excessive … Read the Story

The new EU copyright law takes a stance for rights owners like authors and publishers

The Parliament of European Union has accepted the new Copyright Directive proposed by the Commission. The EU Parliament, Commission and Council will negotiate the details, aiming at having the law proposal ready for EU member states by the end of 2018. … Read the Story