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Author: Ari Hakkarainen
Published: January 2019
Publisher: Klaava
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Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, has been a central Mediterranean trading place since ancient times. The fascinating history is still present in the city for visitors to explore, along with recently created modern wonders. What makes Valencia a unique Spanish destination is not only the fact it is regarded as the home of paella or the host city of the Holy Grail, but it is a city of contrasts.

Temperate Mediterranean climate makes Valencia a pleasant destination to visit any time of year. A trip to the city can be planned as a dive into its culture and urban environment, as a relaxing break on the beach, as a road trip to nearby mountains and towns, or a combination of all of these elements. All these aspects are covered in the book.

A traveler can spend days exploring ancient houses and public buildings in the old city center. Only a few minutes away from the narrow alleys, the ultramodern City of Arts and Sciences easily takes the breath away from accidental visitors.

Valencianos know how to have a good time, and fortunately, they organize massive parties – fiestas – around the year so that everyone can join them. Fiestas are celebrated on the streets, bars and restaurants with the biggest event, Fallas in March, lasting for a couple of weeks. Discover tips for this Unesco Heritage fiesta along with other events in the book.

The guidebook features hundreds of images – photos and maps – that allow travelers to visually discover the sights and places they would like to visit. Readers who want specific information on the destinations in Valencia find the details in the book as well, along with the history of the city from the Roman era to modern times.

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Why Visit Valencia
   Valencia on a Map
   About the autonomous communities of Spain
Essential Tips
Getting There and Moving in the City
Top 5 of Valencia
   Top 5 sights
   Top 5 historical places
   Top 5 trendy neighborhoods
   Top 5 beaches
   Top 5 parks and plazas
   Top 5 walking and cycling routes
   Top 5 curiosities
The Key Places and Sights
   The old town (city center)
   In the city, outside the old town
   Towns and sights near Valencia
Fiestas and Other Major Events
   Monthly listing
   Public Holidays in Valencia
Food and Drink
   Meal times
Brief History
   The Roman Period
   The First Wall
   The Muslim Period
   The business of silk
   The church and the kings rule
   Napoleon’s Influence
   The Last King
   From a Flooding River into an Arts Center
Practical Information
Fast Facts