Ebook Services

We have been in the business of ebook production for 10 years, and during this time, the building blocks of a quality digital publication haven’t changed. When an author has finished a manuscript, we can help in all the steps, or in a specific task for producing a commercial product from that manuscript. We work with self-publishers and businesses that want to outsource their ebook production.

  • Step 1. Editing and proofreading the manuscript.
  • Step 2. Creating a book cover image. This is also the point of no return for the title.
  • Step 3. Drafting the book description.
  • Step 4. Adjusting images, tables and other possible elements to the chosen ebook formats.
  • Step 5. Creating EPUB and Kindle-formatted ebooks that are ready to be delivered to bookstores.
  • Step 6. Testing the ebooks on a range of devices and apps.

In addition to the listed services, we produce Klaava Travel Guide book series that delivers modern visual guidebooks for travelers.

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