Scammers have discovered a way to steal travelers’ money by exploiting online service

Screen capture of online hotel booking service.

I must admit that this scam is clever. It doesn’t, however, mean that a party of the scam – hotel reservation service – shouldn’t do something to prevent it. Here is how … Read the story...

Is Portugal driving campervans and motorhomes out of the country?

no parking sign in sagres, algarve, portugal
Night parking forbidden in Sagres, southwest coast of Portugal.

Portugal is a popular southern European travel destination for many reasons: its glorious beaches and historic cities attract tourists for short visits, while digital nomads, pensioners and remote workers like to … Read the story...

The most exciting walking and cycling tours in Valencia City, Spain

a plaza in the old city center of Valencia, Spain

Valencia is Spain’s third largest city, but its location on the Costa Blanca by the Mediterranean Sea make it the most pleasant year-round destination. The city has good public transportation that can transport visitors from sight to sight, but a … Read the story...