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  1. Volha Furs

    My name is Volha Furs. I am a member of the organizing team at School of Creativity and Design in Tampere. The idea of the School is to bring together open minded people who eager to learn, share and inspire each other. Despite of the fact that the name of the school contains such words as design and creativity, we are not suborned on some particular fields. Ideas and techniques are currently spreading across the professional boundaries so our goal is to create the environment where innovative thinking can flourish and spread around. There is more information on the web-site . We have launched a summer pilot in June which consists of sessions devoted to different topics.
    We have invited many professionals to share their experience, knowledge and ideas among people. Your company is specialized on publishing books with multimedia content. This is quite new direction and innovative approach in book publishing. It will be great if someone from your company can come as a guest to our session in Tampere on 12th of July. The session will be structured as an open discussion among participants and guests from other companies.
    Please, inform me if you are interested to participate. I will send you more information about details.
    Look forward to your reply!
    Have a nice weekend!

    Kind Regards,
    Volha Furs


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