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Book Reading: a Video of Helsinki, Finland Travel Guide


The majority of overseas visitors arrive in Helsinki, Finland’s capital in the summer. During summer weekends, however, local people migrate to their summer cottages they have built on lake and sea shores around the country. In the winter, on the other hand, a visitor may encounter peculiar local habits, such as skiing and skating on sea or sledding in the city center.
I Helsinki, Finland travel guide
In any case, if you are planning to visit Finland, and Helsinki in particular, it makes sense to plan ahead. Travel guidebook I, Helsinki lets you quickly discover the sights you want to visit and activities you would like to try out.

Here is a video (captured in the summer) that includes five chapters from the book that you can listen and watch:

More about the book. I, Helsinki, travel guide to Finland's capital

Creo Parametric Guidebook Series Available at Amazon Kindle Store


Jouni Ahola has conducted training courses on Creo Parametric 3D modeling software for many years in many countries across the world. He knows all the common pitfalls practically everyone new to the Creo Parametric will face and what are the most important features that everyone should master. His advice has been published as a book series that consists of four practical, hands-on user guides.
Creo Parametric 4 book covers
Now, the Creo Parametric book series is available at Amazon Kindle Stores.
Creo Parametric Modeling for Manufacturing v3
Creo Parametric Milling
Creo Parametric Basic Turning
Creo Parametric Mill-Turn

The books are published in Print Replica format which means that you can read them in any Kindle for PC and tablet application, and on any Fire tablet. The books can’t be read on Kindle ereaders (the models with black-and-white E ink screen).

The books are also available in PDF format. More information about the Creo Parametric book series here.

creo parametric kindle print replica pdf


Book Trailer Video: Introduction to Helsinki


Yes, for the traveler, Helsinki is certainly worth a visit or three. What’s more, according to recent research, the residents of this city are very content with where they live.
Helsinki, Finland tourist guide
Let Helsinki tell you in her own words about her city. What to see, do, and expect. She is proud of herself and her accomplishments over the years, and is more than happy to give you some outstanding tips.

The video was produced for the travel guidebook I, Helsinki

Helsinki speaks out in her own travel guidebook I, Helsinki


Typically travel guidebooks are written by travelers or locals who explore the destination until they know what is remarkable and worth recommending to visitors. I, Helsinki is a different guide because in the book, the destination herself shares the best tips of the city. Here is a video clip that shows readers some of the places the book talks about.

from the book: I, Helsinki
Old Market Hall near the Market Square in Helsinki, Finland.

Watch the video:

The video segment is based on chapters in Russell Snyder’s book I, Helsinki.
Download ebook: I, Helsinki by Russell Snyder

A practical guide for 3D design and modeling: the book series for mastering Creo Parametric


Jouni Ahola is a seasoned consultant who knows the ins and outs of Creo software products. The products are used for 3D design and modeling. Ahola has trained so many people to master the 3D design for manufacturing that he knows the key tasks everyone has to learn. Now, he has authored a series of guide books for Creo Parametric 3D modeling software.

Creo Parametric user guide Creo Parametric user guide

The book series comprises four parts. Each book can be studied independently. The books are as follows.

Creo Parametric Modeling for Manufacturing, ISBN 978-952-5901-87-0.
The book covers Creo Parametric user interface and solid modeling. The models created in this book are used in other books of the series.

Creo Parametric Milling, ISBN 978-952-5901-88-7.
The book focuses on milling machining with vertical machining center, as well as basic milling and 3-axis surface milling.

Creo Parametric Basic Turning, ISBN 978-952-5901-89-4.
The book covers basic turning machining and slant type lathe with ZX-coordinate system.

Creo Parametric Mill-Turn, ISBN 978-952-5901-90-0.
The book guides the reader through turning machining with Live Tools and combined milling and turning manufacturing.

More information, pricing and availability here.

Interview: How to survive in Finland as an American author ?


31 years ago, Russell Snyder moved to Finland from California. He makes his living writing and giving lectures in this remote Nordic country, and claims he enjoys it here – well most of the time, anyway. Find out what he has to say about his style of writing, and the country where he has had some many experiences (fortunately, mainly positive ones).

Russell Snyder

You are known for your entertaining non-fiction books such as “The Lighter Side of Finland.” How did you find your style of writing?

I try to use engaging and humorous texts whenever possible. People are bombarded with too much information these days; to get their attention you have to stand out from the crowd.

However, in many of my writing assignments, one can’t use humor. So I strive to make texts clear and concise.

What else have you written?

I’ve done lots of articles and columns on everything from culture and travel to business and technology.

My previous book, Finland – It Works, is very different from The Lighter Side of Finland. It’s an extremely positive coffee table book that focuses on the Finnish brand. I have also written a range of guidebooks, gift books, and textbooks.

What are your favorite non-fiction books?

There are so many. I enjoy Dave Barry’s humor books, Bill Bryson’s travel books, biographies and autobiographies if they are well written. And I read a lot of positive thinking books to inspire and motivate me.

You are currently using an Amazon Kindle e-book reader. Was it difficult getting used to this device?

Not at all. I use it while waiting in line, take it with me when traveling, and read in bed before going to sleep. It’s terrific having a book store that’s open 24 hours a day.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I’d like to write more about Helsinki and some other cities in Finland. Shorts stories interest me as well as flash fiction and poetry.

What are your favorite things to do in Finland?

Swimming in a lake after a sauna, skiing on a well maintained track at my own pace, and attending as many Christmas parties as possible. And there are many more. Have you got any suggestions?