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Favorite photos from a travel guide to Pattaya, Thailand


Writing a book is one thing, but taking all the photographs for the same book is completely different kind of process. When Klaava Media started out the book series Klaava Travel Guide, we decided it would have to be a concept for a visual guide. Information about a destination must be supported by photographs and videos, or even better: visual information is supported by textual information.
travel guide ebook: Pattaya, Thailand, Asia
Lately, we have been working with Erkki Leppänen, the author and photographer of the travel guide The Best of Pattaya, Thailand and the Essentials of Thai Culture. In some book projects, the author or the photographer selects the images that will be published in the book, in other projects, the publisher (a graphic designer) picks up the most suitable photos.

If the objective is to have about 150 photos in the guidebook, how many frames the photographer provides to the book layout process? Based on this and earlier projects, the rough estimate is that there is usually 10 times more photographs than gets picked up to the final book. Naturally, if the photographer or the author has previous experience on producing images for a travel guide, the number of photos delivered to the publisher can be the same as the number of actually published photos. Still, the photographer has probably taken 10 times more photos on location.
download travel guide ebook: Pattaya, Thailand
Video is a different medium, because clips can be cut, pasted and mixed in order to create a lively short film from multiple clips.

In any case, here are a few favorite photographs published in the travel guide The Best of Pattaya, Thailand and the Essentials of Thai Culture.

visitor guide to pattaya, Thai culture

tourist guide book: pattaya, sights

Travel guide book to Pattaya, food and drink

Klaava Travel Guide: Pattaya, Thailand, hotels

travel guidebook: pattaya, beach

ebook travel guide: pattaya, sunset

Visit a Beautiful, Old Library in Prague without Leaving Your Couch


Many beautiful, old libraries are big buildings that are difficult to photograph, especially, if you are trying to capture the books, the interior and the bookshelves inside the building. 360cities is an online service that has specialized in creating 360-degree images of unique places. For example, the image of Strahov Library in Prague, Czech Republic is 40 000 megapixels in size, and worth every pixel.

strahov library prague czech, 360cities

You may explore the Strahov Library in Prague, Czech Republic from every angle at 360cities.net.

3,000 individual photos were used to photoshop a single 360-degree image that is 280 000 x 140 000 pixels in size (40000 megapixels, or 40 gigapixels).

A magnificent outdoors panorama image was created in Chamonix, France. The image of Mont Blanc mountain consists of 70 000 frames that were merged into one 365 gigapixel picture. You can view the Mont Blanc panorama here.

Google Street View cars have been photographing streets of the world for many years. The photos and 360-degree views that can be viewed in Google Maps are valuable resources and fun to explore.

Creative Librarians Show Their #bookface Photos on Instagram


Now we know what librarians do during those quiet hours at work when customers are not asking them for help. Some librarians are honing their photography skills by taking photographs where colleagues pose with book covers. The results are funny and innovative.

bookface  photos on instagram
Photos by beecavelibrary, carmel_library and saraharmageddon.

Discover more #bookface photos on Instagram. The New York Times reported about the phenomenon.

bookface cenilie instagram
Photo by celinie.

bookface anne_arnestad instagram
Photo by anne_arnestad.

bookface malvikbibliotek instagram
Photo by malvikbibliotek.