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Traveling in Europe but no books to read? Why not stay a night at a library in Paris


The city of artists, authors and a few million other people – Paris – has a special hotel room waiting for travelers who like to sleep with books. Paris Boutik Hotel has rooms that are all different, designed to a theme. One of these rooms is a library. It is located in Marais district of the city.

Paris Boutik hotel room library bookstore
The library room is generous in size: 45 m2. There are books for children as well, but not for pets. Dogs or cats are not allowed in this room.

Books, on the other hand, are available in the bathroom as well, in case a guest forgot to take reading along from the bedroom or lounge.

The Paris Boutik Hotel has more information and online booking.

Via Actualitte (with more photos).

Paris Boutik hotel, books in bathroom
Paris Boutik hotel, library room

Why take a selfie in front of Eiffel Tower? Here are top 10 selfie locations in Europe


Which travel destination in Europe is the most popular for taking selfies? No, it is not Heathrow or Barcelona airport, nor Big Ben, but Eiffel Tower in Paris. That’s what British tourists ranked the highest when they were asked about their favorite selfie shooting locations in Europe.
Paris, France, Europe, Eiffel tower
Even though France managed to take the top position in the ranking for the most popular selfie location, the most popular countries in top ten are Spain and Italy. Here is the top 10 list for the most popular selfie locations in Europe as voted by British tourists.

Eiffel Tower – Paris, France
Colosseum – Rome, Italy
Tower of Pisa – Italy
Stonehenge – Wiltshire, England
Piazza San Marco – Venice, Italy
Ibiza Old town – Balearic Islands, Spain
Sagrada de Familia – Barcelona, Spain
Las Ramblas – Barcelona, Spain
Brandenburger Gate – Berlin, Germany
Palacio Real – Madrid, Spain

berlin, branderburger gateBrandenburger Gate, Berlin.
The survey was conducted by Vueling Airlines.

Other bits and pieces of information from the survey:

– 46% of tourists say they have taken a selfie at a landmark, and left after that without really exploring the sight.
– 25% travelled to a site just to take a picture they could then post on social media.
– The average British tourist takes 88 photos on a holiday trip.

If the same survey was conducted to an Europe-wide audience, London’s landmarks like the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Piccadilly Circus would probably rank high on the selfie list.

What does a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower prove? I was here, or I remember you my friend even when I am traveling far from home? It is actually an old custom to prove that a traveler has visited a specific place.

Selfies may not be as new and hot thing as many believe. Yes, taking a selfie in front of a mirror or in front of a landmark is extremely popular, but even before cameraphones existed, people used to take selfies. Before digital cameras, selfies were taken with film cameras, but because the development of every photo in the film roll has to paid for, every photo was carefully considered.

Another way to prove to friends and relatives that you had visited a famous landmark was to send a postcard. What a mess it used to be! First, you had to buy postcards, then find a shop that sold stamps, find street addresses of all the people you intended to write to, and finally, find a mailbox where to drop the cards. Today, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and many other social media services make it so easy to send digital postcards for the whole world to admire.

Selfie survey news discovered via Mirror.

Is this the future bookstore that will survive in the era of online shopping?


Big and small bookstores are enjoyable and relaxing places to visit. Browsing books that are neatly lined on shelves, making discoveries, and judging cover art can easily take an hour or so. The reality is, however, that if you are looking for a certain kind of book, you are more likely to find it on an online bookstore. Bricks-and mortar bookstores can’t compete against online stores with selection or prices, but they must find other ways to get people step in.

shakespeare et co, espresso book machine

The Espresso Book Machine in Shakespeare & Co.

Large bookstores trust that cafés can draw customers in, but cafés are already everywhere – they are hardly the primary reason to visit a bookstore. When a bookstore has a café where customers can wait while the book they have ordered is being printed, it is whole new concept.

In New York, bookstore Shakespeare & Co has acquired an expensive machine that can print individual books at low price. The Espresso Book Machine is not a new invention, but the store concept of Shakespeare & Co is. Caleb Mason, who is a publisher and agent, visited the store in New York and he believes it can be the model for the bookstore of the future.

At Shakespeare & Co, you can buy a book that is not in the store. You order the book you want, and the Espresso Book Machine prints it for you while you wait. The store is located at 939 Lexington Avenue, New York.

In Paris, Presses Universitaires de France has acquired an Espresso Book Machine to compete against (none other than) Amazon. The Parisian bookstore wants to be able to deliver books to customers faster than Amazon that promises delivery in 24 hours. You can visit the Presses Universitaires de France bookstore at 60 rue Monsieur Le Prince in the 6th arrondissement.

French book lovers are adopting ebooks


France has a long and wifely appreciated literary tradition, but some observers have asked will it survive if the nation doesn’t adopt new technologies and business models. In fact, one of the pioneers of e-reading comes from France: Bookeen. The Paris-based company has manufactured popular Cybook ereaders for many years. Adoption of ebooks is actually pretty high in France as a recent infographics put together by Salon Du Livre shows.

salon du livre infographic

Here are some highlights from the Salon du Livre infographic (Salon du Livre is a large book event in Paris that was held in 2015 at the end of March).
– 18% of French read ebooks.
– 90% of ebook readers use an ereader device, 71% a tablet, 45% a computer and 32% a smartphone.
– 80% of 15-24 year old French are readers.
– 70% of French read at least one a year.
– Those who read books, are active: they read 15 books per year on average
– 80 000 people are directly employed by book business (the population of France was 66 million in 2014)

If you are planning to visit France, download this guide to Southern France.

Timelapse Video Takes You to a Two-minute Sightseeing Tour of Paris


Just like many authors who write travel guidebooks, here at Klaava we love to photograph places we visit. Sometimes a long enough visit allows our writers to produce a travel guide on the destination. Paris is the number one travel destination in the world, and thousands of tourist guides have been written about it. But have you ever seen a sightseeing tour of Paris made of thousands of photographs?
Paris, France, eiffel tower
Mayeul Akpovi is a timelapse and urban photographer who creates short films from thousands of photos he has taken in a destination. His timelapse video of Paris is pretty amazing. Travelers who have visited Paris can recognize most sights on the video, like the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur church, the original Statue of Liberty, Champs d’Elysee, Pont Neuf, and many other lovely places.

Here is the amazing timelapse video of Paris.

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The video discovered via Diario del viajero.