French book lovers are adopting ebooks

France has a long and wifely appreciated literary tradition, but some observers have asked will it survive if the nation doesn’t adopt new technologies and business models. In fact, one of the pioneers of e-reading comes from France: Bookeen. The Paris-based company has manufactured popular Cybook ereaders for many years. Adoption of ebooks is actually pretty high in France as a recent infographics put together by Salon Du Livre shows.

salon du livre infographic

Here are some highlights from the Salon du Livre infographic (Salon du Livre is a large book event in Paris that was held in 2015 at the end of March).
– 18% of French read ebooks.
– 90% of ebook readers use an ereader device, 71% a tablet, 45% a computer and 32% a smartphone.
– 80% of 15-24 year old French are readers.
– 70% of French read at least one a year.
– Those who read books, are active: they read 15 books per year on average
– 80 000 people are directly employed by book business (the population of France was 66 million in 2014)

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