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Google Pixel C can be a fantastic tablet, but for serious typing, try out the keyboard yourself


Google Pixel C is not the first tablet the company has introduced, but it is the first one that comes with a keyboard. The tablet display is 10.2 inches in size. It is a high density, high resolution (2560×1700) display. The keyboard and tablet are not mechanically connected, but the Pixel C becomes a laptop-like computer when the display is attached to a specific place on the keyboard. Strong magnets hold the units together. A 10-inch tablet with a keyboard: is it a good idea readers and writers?
google pixel c, laptop mode
The Google Pixel C comes in two configurations: 32GB model is priced at $499 and 64GB $599. The keyboard costs $149 extra.

Reading ebooks on a high-resolution, high-quality tablet that has large screen is an experience we love. If we can get a tablet like that for $499, it is worth serious consideration.

Typing long texts on a 10-inch tablet that has a keyboard of the same size isn’t a tempting idea. Although many function keys have been removed from the Pixel C keyboard, it is still very small. And the price: $149. Come on, it is only a keyboard, even if it comes with magnets.

We have successfully used a configuration where we have a battery-powered almost full-size keyboard ($30 at an electronics store) connected via Bluetooth to a 10-inch tablet. It works fine.
The Google Pixel C is powered by Android 6.0 operating system software. Version 6 of the world’s most popular operating system provides incremental improvements over version 5 – no earth-shaking new features.

Apple iPad Pro is significantly larger (and pricier) than the Pixel C, and has a special keyboard available as well. Read an analysis of the iPad Pro here.

View a hands-on video of the Google Pixel C tablet by Digital Trends:

Google Pixel C key features and technical specifications

– Android 6.0 operating system software.
– 10.2 inch touch screen display with 3:2 aspect ratio.
– Resolution 2560 x 1700 pixels, at 239 PPI
– 400 nit brightness, 178° viewing angle.
– Intel HD Graphics 5500 (Integrated)
– 4K video output over DisplayPort or HDMI with optional Type-C video adapter cable
– Intel Core i5 processor, 2.2GHz, 8GB memory or Intel Core i7 processor, 2.4GHz, 16GB memory.
– 2 USB Type-C connectors.
– 2 USB 3.0 Standard A connectors.
– microSD memory card slot.
– 720P wide angle video camera with blue glass
– 32GB or 64GB of flash storage, depending on model.
– Wi-Fi 802.11ac (supports a/b/g/n/ac), 2.4 and 5GHz, 2×2 spatial streams
– Bluetooth 4.0
– Stereo speakers
– Built-in microphone, and headphone/microphone combo
– USB Type-C Charger, 60W
– Up to 12 hours of battery life.
– Dimensions 11.7 x 8.8 x 0.6 inches (297.7mm x 224.55mm x 15.3mm)
– Weight 3.3lbs (1.5Kg)

Google Field Trip App Guides You to Sights and European Cultural Treasures


Your smartphone knows where you are, because its GPS receiver can calculate your location. Now that your phone knows exactly in which street corner you are standing, it could tell you something about nearby places and sights as well. That’s exactly what Google Field Trip application does.

google field trip application

The Field Trip is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android (for instance, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola) and Google Glass devices. The app is free, but you will have to give all your personal information from your phone and location information to Google (you won’t notice it, but the app asks for permission for it and then does it in the background).

There are two ways to use the Field Trip app:
1. Let the app determine your location and provide you with information cards about nearby places and sights. Obviously, this is a handy feature when you are standing in a street corner of a strange city and have no idea what to do next.
2. Search a specific place, and let Field Trip tell you what type of sights exists there. A useful feature if you are pondering if, for instance, Grasse in Southern France is a town worth visiting (it definitely is).

The Field Trip app has been around for a while already, but recently an interesting development was announced. Europeana, the digital archive of Europe’s cultural heritage, provides information on Europe’s cultural destinations directly to the Field Trip application. The first step was to add cultural information from Sweden (view a travel guide here), Poland and Estonia to the app.

google field trip europeana

Europeana writes: “Three Europeana partners – the Swedish National Heritage Board, the National Heritage Board of Estonia and the National Heritage Board of Poland – joined the pilot to share their curated and enriched collections. Their datasets are now available in the app history feed and guide tourists to beautiful and prominent historical buildings and monuments in Estonia, Poland and Sweden. Europeana is seeking co-operation with other European cultural institutions. More information here.