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Ebooks Are Top 5 Digital Content Type for All Age Groups


Young generations didn’t grow with printed newspapers, magazines or books, but a mobile phone firmly attached to their hands. It is not a big surprise that the Millennial generation consumes media content on their smartphones whereas Baby Boomers rely on desktops, laptops and even traditional media. Somewhat surprising is, however, that the types of digital content that different age groups like to consume on their computers and mobile devices are almost the same with ebooks at 4th.

The top 4 most consumed content type on a PC and on a mobile device is exactly the same for all generations:
1. Blogs
2. Images
4. Ebooks
The fifth most consumed content type for Millennials is audiobooks, case studies for Generation X, and reviews for Baby Boomers.

digital content types by age group, buzzstream

The survey was conducted by BuzzStream and Fractl who surveyed over 1200 individuals, and classified them into three age groups: Millennials (born between 1977 and 1995), Generation Xers (born between 1965 and 1976), and Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964).

Another, even larger media study was recently conducted by Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. The Digital News Report 2015 – Tracking the Future News surveyed over 20 000 people in 12 countries, focusing on differences in news access between digital and traditional media and between age groups.

The research by Reuters indicates that 45 years is the dividing age in media culture. People who are younger than 45 rely on online news sources, whereas people older than 45 primarily get their news from television.

news sources by age, Reuters
Reuters also discovered that in many countries the Internet already is the primary source for news for all age groups on average. People in Finland, Australia, Denmark, Ireland, USA and Brasil specified the Internet as their number one news media source.

main news sources for media users, Reuters

The Third Wave of Media Will Wipe Out Old Media


US-based consultancy Bain & Company has conducted a comprehensive interview of consumers in order to understand the trends in media industry. The conclusion of the report is that the third wave of media will wipe out traditional analog media surprisingly fast.

Bain & Company, Generation Hashtag

The three waves of media:

1. Physical media, like printed book or newspaper, CD or DVD.
2. Content converted to digital, such as downloadable ebooks, MP3-music, game apps.
3. Originally digital content, like Scribd, Oyster, Spotify and Netflix.

Bain & Company, Generation Hashtag

Infographics by Bain & Company:

Bain & Company, Generation Hashtag