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Ebook news digest: ereaders for musicians, new EPUB version, interaction with readers


News on ebooks, writing and ereaders

Amazon Kindle ereader on laptop keyboard
Want to improve your writing? Mind the Gap.
The Writing Cooperative

The Curiosity Gap Theory for writers can help to find story themes that resonate with readers.

PadMu is a 13.3-inch (x2) E Ink eReader for Musicians (Video)
The Ebook Reader

Ereader devices with black and white screens are now also marketed to musicians as sheet music readers. Some products even come with controllers for the musician to turn the page without having to touch the device.

Why Specs Change: EPUB 3.2 and the Evolution of the Ebook Ecosystem

EPUB is the industry standard file format for ebooks (Kindle is proprietary to Amazon). The vast majority of EPUB-books are based on the version 2 of the standard, although during 2018, a new version 3.2 will be published. The article reassures that existing ebooks are compatible with the new standard and encourages publishers to move to the version 3.

Must-read inspirational tech books to add to your reading list
Gadget Flow

Solid recommendations for books that practically are already classics in the genre of high technology. If you haven’t read any of these, leave books related to Steve Jobs at the bottom of the reading stack. First, get a proper perspective to the industry.

Don’t reply to comments when you’re hangry, and other tips for engaging with readers
Nieman Lab

A number of major web sites run by big media have closed their comment channels altogether, but it is not recommended for authors who should be interacting with their readers. The article covers the basics of managing the good and bad of public commenting.

Travel guidebook to a Nordic capital: Helsinki, Finland
Klaava Travel Guide

Scandinavian countries are transforming from chilly winter to warm summer season as travelers head to the clean cities, clean waters and untouched wilderness regions of the northern Europe.

Trust, Visibility, Mobile Storytelling And Blockchain For Books: Lessons Learned From London Book Fair 2018
The Creative Penn

A long report from the London Book Fair 2018. The report is also packed with tips to authors who haven’t visited any major book show, because primarily these events are for publishers and agents who trade rights at meetings during the fair. Of course, the shows are a good place to see and experience what is happening in the world of books. The writer has posted so many selfies in the article that I have to ask: do they add any value to the content?

Should I Become a Book Collector?
Book Riot

As the article explains, you need time and money to be able to become a book collector, but forgets to mention a key problem with collections: they require space, and often, a lot of it.

In 2018, every single no. 1 nonfiction best-seller has been about Trump
Entertainment Weekly

Nonfiction books about President Trump are bestsellers in 2018, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the trend will continue to 2019 and 2020.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2014


Author, stuntman HP Virkki visited Frankfurt Book Fair, the world’s largest book show, in October 2014. Here are some of his photos and thoughts from the busy event.

Photos by HP Virkki.

Currywurst nourishes authors and audience:
Frankfurt book fair 2014

Frankfurt book fair 2014

HP Virkki discovered great books:
Frankfurt book fair 2014

The Lighter Side of Finland

Cosplay enthusiasists attended the show:
Frankfurt bookshow 2014

Gothenburg Book Fair 2014


The annual Gothenburg Book Fair was organized for the 30th time in 2014. Originally an event for library professionals, ithas grown into a large international show that attracts book industry members from Nordic and Baltic countries, as well as from many other European countries.

Best-seller author Jan Guillou knows how to speak and audiences follow. Guillou in front of red wall, facing a large crowd.

Göteborg, kirjamessut 2014. Gothenburg book fair 2014

Digitala Torget was a new area at Gothenburg Book Fair 2014. Ebook publishers, software developers, device manufacturers and service providers displayed their goods.

Göteborg, kirjamessut 2014. Gothenburg book fair 2014

One of Sweden’s major newspapers Dagens Nyheter collected large crowds to the interview sessions.

Göteborg, kirjamessut 2014. Gothenburg book fair 2014
Dagens Nyheterin puhujalava.

Hälsingland, a town in northern Sweden, is a Unesco world heritage site. They had a miniature house, an exact replicant of an original local building, at their booth.

 Gothenburg book fair 2014: Hälsingland booth