Gothenburg Book Fair 2014

The annual Gothenburg Book Fair was organized for the 30th time in 2014. Originally an event for library professionals, ithas grown into a large international show that attracts book industry members from Nordic and Baltic countries, as well as from many other European countries.

Best-seller author Jan Guillou knows how to speak and audiences follow. Guillou in front of red wall, facing a large crowd.

Göteborg, kirjamessut 2014. Gothenburg book fair 2014

Digitala Torget was a new area at Gothenburg Book Fair 2014. Ebook publishers, software developers, device manufacturers and service providers displayed their goods.

Göteborg, kirjamessut 2014. Gothenburg book fair 2014

One of Sweden’s major newspapers Dagens Nyheter collected large crowds to the interview sessions.

Göteborg, kirjamessut 2014. Gothenburg book fair 2014
Dagens Nyheterin puhujalava.

Hälsingland, a town in northern Sweden, is a Unesco world heritage site. They had a miniature house, an exact replicant of an original local building, at their booth.

 Gothenburg book fair 2014: Hälsingland booth


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