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Spring Is a Wonderful Season to Travel for Outdoors Lovers


In the northern hemisphere, spring is in the air. Not only in the air, especially in the regions where the snow is melting, rivers and rapids are filled with powerfully flowing water. Here is a scene from Scandinavia. View the video:

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Video: Spectacular Scenery over the River Var for Mountain Goats


When authors and photographers collect material for travel guidebooks, they take hundreds or thousands of photos and perhaps video clips from a destination. As a book project progresses into final manuscript stage and a graphic designer begins to create the layout for the book, hard choices have to be made.

Plenty of beautiful photographs and fun videos have to be left out from the book because every element must add value to the content – even though the space is not that limited in an ebook as it used to be in paper books.

Here is a video clip that was shot on a mountain just above the city of Nice in Cote d’Azur, France. The valley of river Var looms in the background. The video was intended for the book The Gems of Nice and the French Riviera.