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The cheapest and most expensive cities in Europe for backpacking travelers


Europe is the world’s number one travel destination that has (almost) endless number of countries, historical cities, castles and natural wonders to explore. Food lovers, beer drinkers and wine enthusiasts can spend practically rest of their lives sampling the tastes of different regions in Europe and getting to know the cultures. Europe is the home of some of the most expensive cities in the world, but there are some surprisingly low-cost cities as well.

kiev, juanedc.com

Kiev by Juanedc.com

If you are traveling on a tight budget, but want to experience the great cities of Europe, here is some valuable information to help you plan your backpacking trip to the old continent. Price of Travel has calculated a backpacker index for 2016 on 56 European cities.

Here is the top 12 from the cheapest to more expensive ones:

1. Kiev, Ukraine (the conflict in eastern Ukraine is still ongoing)
2. Bucharest, Romania (Transilvania is located north of the capital)
3. Krakow, Poland
4. Sofia, Bulgaria
5. Belgrade, Sebia
6. Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
7. Budapest, Hungary
8. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
9. Warsaw, Poland
10. Zagreb, Croatia
11. Vilnius, Lithuania
12. Riga, Latvia

You can view the full index of 56 cities at Price of Travel.

Here are the most expensive cities in Europe in 2016 for backpackers:

50. Interlaken, Switzerland
51. Stockholm, Sweden
52. Bergen, Norway
53. London, UK
54. Helsinki, Finland
55. Venice, Italy
56. Zürich, Switzerland

Italy, a canal in Venice