Europe travel news: remote workdesk in forest, handmade solar-powered electric campervan, Christmas markets are open

lahti, finland: remote work in forest
Photo by Green Lahti

Camperguru has ranked European countries by their camper travel

Three best countries for campervan and motorhome trips in Europe are France, Spain and Germany according to Camperguru. We definitely agree with France and Spain, but has Camperguru team ever made a road trip to the Nordic countries? In Finland, Sweden and Norway it is allowed to camp for a couple of nights in inhabited areas.

Free Interrail passes for young Europeans

EU has been running a program known as DiscoverEU in 2021 that promotes train travel in Europe. Now, free Interrail tickets have been made available to young EU residents.

Welcome to your new office: remote workplace in forest

Many digital nomads prefer cities when they plan for the destinations they intend to stay and work. Some remote workers have discovered the peace and quiet of countryside villages where outdoors adventures are close. The city of Lahti in Finland has taken remote work one step further: the city has set up workdesks in the forest outside the city.

Plan your journey to Lapland

Lapland covers the north of Finland, Sweden and Norway. It is a paradise for outdoors lovers who like to roam in wilderness. Road trips in majestic scenery are popular in summer, and fishermen like to try their luck in many wild rivers. There are destinations for remote workers as well, but you have to choose carefully because network coverage doesn’t reach every corner of the large wilderness region.

A handmade electric campervan made a trip across Europe

Dutch students have built a stylish electric campervan that they drove from the Netherlands to Spain’s southernmost tip Tarifa. Completed in mid-October, it was a 3000 km / 1800 mile journey, completely powered by solar energy, The vehicle has large solar panels on the roof that produce energy, especially in sunny Spain.

Flying taxis expected in 2024

In California, a startup has been testing flying taxis for so long that it believes it will get the permission to carry passengers by 2024. There should be a market for this because this particular flying taxi can fly 240 km / 150 miles at the speed of 320 kmh / 200 mph, carrying four passengers. Uber and Boeing are developing eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) flying taxis as well.

Which popular Christmas markets are open this year in Europe?

Strasbourg Christmas market is regarded the largest and one of the oldest in Europe, but it is not the only one that is planning to be open at year-end 2021. The article lists the biggest markets that are open, but the situation can still change so have a plan B ready if you have made reservations but the event is canceled.

Trends in flight fares

European airlines expect low prices for flights in Europe for the rest of 2021, but anticipate higher prices for 2022 and particularly for the summer 2022.

Inarijärvi, FInland.
Lake Inari, Finnish Lapland: fishing at midnight.

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