Ebook news digest: travel is resuming, digital product licenses, working from motorhome

motorhome on a road. photo by sebastien goldberg
Photo by Sebastien Goldberg.

News about ebooks, writing and travel

Rick Steves about travel writing and the slow return Of European travel

Travel professionals seem to agree that travel will resume in the second half of 2020, but primarily it will regional and conducted by car. As Rick Steves puts it, French are going to travel to French Riviera and Italians to Tuscany. Rick Steves also thinks that the lockdown was tighter in Europe than in the US, and it was, especially in France and in countries south of France.

Why you shouldn’t write your next article in Gutenberg block editor (if you are a WordPress user)

Gutenberg writing and editing tool was introduced about 18 months ago to WordPress, but only now it is heading to the direction where it shines – and it is not writing or editing.

Digital media products, like ebooks, movies, MP3 are licensed – not purchased, and it has consequences

A court case in the US has hit to the core of the current practices of retailers that sell digital products, like downloadable movies, ebooks, music, or tv shows. The terminology sellers use gives an impression of owning a digital product after buying it. That’s not the case. Products are licensed with terms that tend to restrict their usage.

Travel guide to the French Riviera

Although French are expected to flock the beach resorts of the French Riviera, there are fabulous places off the beaten path near the coast and on the mountains. The second edition of the travel guide shows it all.

Nine books for those who want to read about libraries and bookstores

Plenty of books have been published about libraries and bookstores – both fiction and nonfiction – but here are the ones that Book Riot recommends.

Borders in Europe are opening for tourists: here is the schedule by country

Some European countries open their borders in June, while others wait until end of August.

How a ghostwriter works on the road from a motorhome

Digital nomads have many ways to earn a living, and being on the move doesn’t always mean flying from one place to the next. Campervan or motorhome (RV) is a fabulous way to travel and work – once you have practiced the lifestyle and made sure everything works even if you are away from power grid for a couple of days.

How reading habits are changing as people are staying home

For traditional bookstores and libraries, a pandemic that forces people to stay home is a black swan event. For online stores and digital media streaming services, it is a white swan event. Book readers’ habits have changed during the lockdown, but it is not yet a permanent change.

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