Fallas fiesta in Valencia, Spain

fallas fiesta in valencia, spain
During the Fallas fiesta in Valencia in the old town center.

The annual Fallas fiesta, one of the largest festivities in Europe, is over for 2024, so we will start planning our next trip to Valencia. The thing is that you have to book your place to stay months in advance if you want stay in the city during the fiesta. Most of the events take place in the historic city center. More information on the fiesta and Valencia as a travel destination in the travel guidebook here.

Fallas fiesta is not only one night or a weekend event, it is celebrated during three weeks in March. The events that draw the most crowds are during the final week and the closing weekend. Crowds can be massive. Here is a picture of thousands and thousands of people waiting for the daily fireworks to start at the Plaza de Ayuntamiento.

valencia, spain during the fallas fiesta