Ebook news digest: slow news, first time at a book fair, writers need a Plan B

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Why slow journalism and limited amount of news is growing a following

Nieman Lab has a story that you should read slowly and digest properly because a new trend is developing: slow journalism. Information overload and excessive screen time is reaching a point where many digital citizens simply want to slow down and manage the continuous feed of news and media content that is flooding at them. Media startups have emerged that provide slow and reasonable amount of news.

A First-Timer’s View of the London Book Fair

Every book lover and, especially, author has mulled over of visiting a big book show. Just to see what all the fuzz is about and perhaps to encounter a famous author or two. Well, primarily big book fairs, like Frankfurt are for publishing professionals, but London is targeting at self-publishers as well. Here is a first-time visitor’s story from the London Book Fair.

The EU parliament approves far-reaching changes to digital copyright law

The legendary Article 11 and Article 13 have made history. The European Union Parliament approved a new set of laws, including clauses 11 and 13, that set stronger and better defined limits to the use of copyrighted material on the internet. Feelings ran high for months before the vote, but now the new era is reality. EU member states have two years to implement the copyright law into their own legislation.

Travel guide to the city of Valencia in Spain

This guidebook shows the most exciting sights, places and events in Valencia on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Download and get the tips from the ebook before heading to sunny South Europe.

What to do if your nonfiction market disappears into a black hole?

Jay Artale tells a fascinating story in the life of a nonfiction writer, when her market suddenly disappeared into a black hole. She raises an important point for every full-time writer: always have a plan B.

Nearly one-in-five U.S. resident now listen to audiobooks

Pew Research has conducted a 2018 survey of reading habits of U.S. residents. Ebooks and print books remain steady, whereas consumption of audiobooks is still growing relatively strongly.

Newspapers haven’t joined the Apple’s News+ subscription service

Apple introduced Arcade, a gaming service with monthly subscription, TV+ movies and television shows, and News Plus magazines and newspapers for a monthly fee. Whereas magazines have joined the News+ service, newspapers are avoiding it. I have been waiting for a service like this, but since it is unavailable outside North America, the rest of the world still has to wait.

A fun online tool identifies the bestseller book for each year

Mental Floss discovered a neat program at Wordery bookstore’s web page that shows the bestselling book for each year. The idea is that you enter your age and it displays the most-talked-about book for the year you were born, but you can scroll back and forth through the years. The books are from The New York Times bestseller list, primarily reflecting North American market.

Pew REsearch: book reading habits in the USA 2018

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