The World’s Most Translated Books Are Classics, but Which Language Was the Original?

What’s the world’s most translated book? Well, it has to be a classic so that the title has had time to find publishers in smaller and smaller language markets. If it is a classic, would it also mean that the original language of the book is one of the old global languages, such as French? Yes, that seems to be the case. French, Italian, Portuguese, Danish and Swedish titles along with English titles dominate the top ten chart of the most translated books.

1. The Little Prince, originally written in French.
2. Pinocchio, Italian.
3. Pilgrim’s Progress, English.
4. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, English.
5. Andersen’s Fairy Tales, Danish.
6. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Seas, French.
7. The Adventures of Asterix, French.
8. The Adventures of Tintin, French.
9. The Alchemist, Portuguese.
10. Pippi Longstocking, Swedish.

Translation agency 7Brands created the following infographic of the world’s most translated languages.

world's most translated books, 7brands

Via Ebookfriendly.

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