Perhaps You Already Have Written a Book – It Is Just Hiding on Your Phone

Many book lovers dream of writing a book of their own, but very few actually get even anywhere close of completing the work. Writing a book is simply hard work that can take years to successfully complete. Fortunately, new technologies have opened new avenues for aspiring authors as well.

Textolife is an application and a service that can create a book from text messages stored on your mobile phone. Maybe you have sent loving messages to someone special, described a journey to an exotic place to your friend, or kept in touch with grandma via text messages. In any case, if you have a large enough selection of messages that you believe should see the light of day on paper, Textolife can do it for you.

First, you have to download the Textolife app on your phone. Then, pick up the messages that will be printed on the pages of your book. Textolife lets you select design for your book that you can personalize, and then you specify who gets the book.

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Idboox reported about the app.

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