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New Guinness World Record made at the Frankfurt Book Fair: most books toppled in domino fashion


Printed books have many uses besides the obvious. Books have been used as elements for art projects, components in construction and for many other things. A popular hobby, especially among librarians, has been creating long, domino-like chains of books and then toppling them. The objective is to create a domino chain with as many books as possible, and topple every book in the chain after the first book has been pushed over.
guinness world record, most books toppled like dominoes, frankfurt book show
At Frankfurt Book Fair 2015, German team Sinners Domino Entertainment managed to make a new Guinness World Record by toppling 10 200 books. As it happens, the books were (big and heavy) copies of the Guinness World Records 2016.

Check out the video where the whole book domino chain falls down one by one.

In Luxembourg, pyramids are constructed of books


Pyramids don’t have to be made of stones anymore because paper has been invented. Now, the world can compete who can build the largest paper pyramid, and ask for official confirmation from Guinness.

The largest pyramid constructed of books was built at the Belle Etoile shopping centre in Luxembourg in April 2015. Guinness Book of Records confirmed in June 2015 that the pyramid was the largest ever made of books. The record is 63377 books, and belongs to Ernster bookstore.
ernster bookstore, book pyramid
The purpose of the building project was to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Ernster bookstore in Luxemburg. The bookstore invited customers to bring their books to the Belle Etoile mall so that they could be used as construction material for the pyramid. The actual construction took two weeks.

The pyramid won’t stand in the mall as long as the real ones in Egypt, but since the books should remain unharmed in the pyramid, they will redistributed and recycled after the show is over.

Timelapse video shows how the book pyramid was built:

Via ActuaLitté.