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Paper Books Recycled: A House Made of Books


A house made of books? It has to be a library. Sure, but Lacuna project is more: it is really a building that has been constructed from books.

lacuna book house

Lacuna is an art installation constructed from 50 000 books. It is also a library where people can walk in, browse the bookshelves, and borrow books. Since the walls of Lacuna are made of books, the building will change as people take and return items from shelves.

The building will open at the Bay Area Book Festival in June 2015 in Berkeley, California.

The video explains the project:

The project is on Kickstarter. The Lacuna story was discovered via Idboox.

Free Ebooks for History and Art Lovers from Metropolitan Museum


Many museums publish beautiful paper books on art collections, historical objects and exhibitions they have. Print books, however, only have a limited life span. When books become too costly to print and keep in stock, they become unavailable. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has solved the availability problem of old books elegantly: the museum has released books older than 50 years as free ebooks.


You can explore the collection of free art and history ebooks here. Ebooks are available as PDF downloads, or you can read them online. Online reading seems to be more convenient option, because downloads are very, very slow.

We are always looking for travel tips, and Metropolitan Museum’s free ebook collection didn’t disappoint. For instance, book titled Al-Andalus: The Art of Islamic Spain shows many magnificent historical destinations in Spain that can be visited today.

metropolitan museum al andalus free ebook