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Sweden: the entire country is open for accommodation bookings on Airbnb


In the northernmost Nordic countries – Finland, Norway and Sweden – both local people and overseas travelers can enjoy an ancient tradition known as the Everyman’s Rights. It means that you are free to roam and even stay a night on anyone’s land assuming that it is not explicitly forbidden (I have never seen such a thing) and you are moving and staying far enough from homes and farms. There is simply so much space that it actually works fine.

Slottsskogen in Gothenburg, Sweden

Slottsskogen in Gothenburg. Sweden.

Now, Sweden’s tourism marketing organization has realized that with the Everyman’s Rights they have a gem in their hands that is truly an exceptional asset in the whole world (apart from neighbor countries that have the same concept). So, Sweden listed the entire country on Airbnb booking service.

Listing a country to an online booking service is ofcourse a tongue-in-cheek kind of thing, but it is executed with style. And everything, for instance, what the following listing in southern Sweden says about a destination is true. Take a look at the screen shot below.

Sweden listing on Airbnb
Bring your own tent and food, and don’t leave any rubbish when you leave. It is as simple as that. Making fire is a bit more complex issue. In national parks, there are fireplaces – for detailed information what to do in other areas, see the books listed at the end of the article.

Here is a video that tries to explain the beauty of the free roaming concept:

Via New Atlas.

For information on traveling in Sweden, the following visual travel guidebooks can help in planning a trip and making it. The books also include detailed descriptions of the Everyman’s Rights concept – what is allowed and what is not.

Gothenburg and Sweden’s West Coast (Klaava Travel Guide)
Lapland: North of the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia (Klaava Travel Guide)

Vacation photography contest transforms the best images into GIF animations


In the northern hemisphere, summer vacations are over for 2015. It is time to find all the photos taken with digital cameras, smartphones and tablets, and create a photo gallery of exciting things that happened during the vacation. While you are doing it, pick up your best vacation shot and submit it to a photo contest.

lofooten, norway trailer

Online travel reservation service Booking.com is running a vacation photography contest until September 1st , 2015. Entries can be submitted via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by tagging them with #wingityeah.

The maximum size of the image is 5 MB which should allow sending photos taken on a 8 or 12 megapixel camera. The size of the image varies because the amount of information (that the camera encodes in bits) in each frame is different.

The prizes for the best photos are endless admiration of fellow photographers and having your photo transformed into a GIF animation.

View more of the best vacation photo GIF animations here.