Top 25 cities in Europe for a night in a hotel while your car battery charges

So you have a shiny new electric car or electric campervan that is begging you to make a tour in Europe. Some regions adopt new technologies faster than others, which in this case means planning is required for being able to manage the energy level of the EV battery during the road trip. Of course, maps are available that show where charging stations are, but we also have a ranking of cities that have the most hotels or other places to stay a night and let the battery charge during the night.

Elmo Drive has collected statistics on European cities with hotels and B&Bs that have charging facilities for electric vehicles.

electric vehicle charging at hotels. source elmo drive.
The number on the map indicates ranking, and the size of bubble the amount of stay a night/charging points.

  1. London, UK 879 places to stay a night and let the battery charge
  2. Rome, Italy 754
  3. Istanbul, Turkey 750
  4. Paris, France 704
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands 677
  6. Vienna, Austria 410
  7. Oslo, Norway 388
  8. Milan, Italy 387
  9. Lyon, France 353
  10. Budapest, Hungary 344
  11. Berlin, Germany 313
  12. Copenhagen, Denmark 306
  13. Warsaw, Poland 251
  14. Lisbon, Portugal 223
  15. Split, Croatia 222
  16. Rotterdam, Netherlands 221
  17. Barcelona, Spain 208
  18. Stockholm, Sweden 201
  19. Hamburg, Germany 198
  20. Prague, Czech Republic 196
  21. Madrid, Spain 158
  22. Bergen, Norway 154
  23. Belgrade, Serbia 140
  24. Porto, Portugal 139
  25. Zürich, Switzerland 136

At the moment, the sweet spot for battery powered vehicles (from convenient charging while sleeping-point of view) is Central Europe around the region marked by Hamburg, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, Prague and Berlin.

Looking at individual countries where businesses already have invested in electric car charging points, four countries stand out: Italy, France, Netherlands, and Norway.

It is somewhat surprising to find out that Germany didn’t do better in this ranking. Germany is Europe’s autobahn car nation, after all. Only Hamburg and Berlin made it to the top 25 list. We will see if Volkswagen’s strong marketing and manufacturing capability will gradually change attitudes in Germany as well.

Clean Technica reported.

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