Accidental cultural conflicts are often excused for tourists, but in some countries, serious consequences await

Experiencing and learning about foreign cultures is one of the best things when traveling overseas. The further away from home you travel, the more you should pay attention to getting familiar with cultural issues and local habits in the destination. Often, accidental poor behavior is forgiven to tourists because everyone understands that it is impossible for foreigners to know all local habits. There can be, however, serious consequences if you happen to break a local law that you would never believe is a crime.

Home exchange service Love Home Swap has created an infographic that explains a few good-to-know and especially, must-know cultural items from popular travel destinations across the world.

cultural risks, love home swap infographic

Thailand was mentioned in the infographic, but there are many more pieces of cultural knowledge travelers should be aware of. For instance, what is the real reason behind the famous Thai smile? It is not what many tourists think, because in Asia, it is quite common to hide embarrassment, lack of answers, or other feelings in smile.

A few countries that are not mentioned in the infographic at all are Finland and Mongolia. Stories about working and traveling in Mongolia give valuable insight on the culture of this exotic country. Two guidebooks: The Lighter Side of Finland and Analysis of the Finnish Tango explain the cool Nordic culture of Finland.

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