Analysis of the Finnish Tango

Analysis of the Finnish Tango – Encounters in Finland

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Author: Russell Snyder
Publisher: Klaava
Published: February 2014
978-952-5901-81-8 (Amazon Kindle)
978-952-5901-83-2 (Apple iPad and iPhone)
978-952-5901-82-5 (EPUB)

In this book, you will get a fresh and novel look at Finland with themes such as friendship, loneliness, romance, relationships, happiness, sadness, enthusiasm, depression, love, anger, satisfaction, and discontent. There are also generous doses of comedy, irony, drama, satire, empathy, and introspection.

Analysis Of The Finnish Tango is a collection of flash fiction works and poems dealing with Finland, its society and its culture. These texts are not meant to be an accurate representation of the Finnish population. They are simply the author’s personal glimpses of people’s behavior, conversations around a dinner table, discussions in the sauna, chats in pubs, communications at the workplace and personal associations with Finns at large.

Nevertheless, these works are fiction and not depictions of actual persons. At least that’s what the author is supposed to say, isn’t he?

Book Trailer

Watch the video where the author reads extracts from his book:


Finnish Lessons
The Improbable Speaker
In a Strange Land
Souvenir of Rovaniemi
Lapland Bites
Destinations Workshop
The Bike Trek
Bookkeeper’s Holiday
The Magic Boat
Spring in Suburbia
Encounter in Town
Looking In
Avant-garde Sound
The Right Career
The Road Taken
Northern Exposure
Another Time
Eeva and Teija
The Darker Side
Late Autumn Thoughts
The Shopper
Cold Revenge
A Lesson in Frustration
Going Down in Oulu
Moving On
The Last Look
Closing Time
Back to Work
Why Finland
Taking It Easy
Fancy Restaurant Night
On the Lawn
Sojourn in a Small Town
Mika’s Web Date
That Night
Tampere Tango
Dirty Laundry
Bicycle Encounter
The Discrete Charm of Naantali
Strawberry Fields
Love Story
Coping with Kuopio
On the Scene
Picnic in the Meadow
The Window Seat
Weather Wise
The Reception
Piano Girl
Night Walk

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