Plunge into a pool with waterproof printed book

Sure, we have ereaders where our ebooks survive without a problem even if we happen to drop the valuable electronic device into a pool, but what if someone still insists on reading printed books in such wet conditions? A team of book lovers, Bibliobath, has figured out a way to produce affordable waterproof printed books.

bibliobath waterproof books

Bibliobath is raising money for their project on Kickstarter, so you can’t find waterproof books in bookstores yet, but here is how the team is going to make waterproof books reality.

Bibliobath has selected four classic books by (one from each author)
– Mark Twain
– W.B. Yeats
– William Shakespeare
– Sun Zi

The technical side of printing a waterproof book is that special materials have to be applied. Bibliobath has tested blank prototypes of the books, and has found the right materials that provide fully waterproof binding and paper. Also different inks have been tested at various water temperatures and soap types. The books will be made of synthetic paper made from polypropylene, which is fully waterproof but feels like real paper at a thickness of 0.085 mm.

Here is a video where Jasper Jansen presents the mission for the waterproof book.

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