Authors in alphabetical order:

Jouni Ahola

Creo Parametric: guide for 3D design for manufacturing
Series of four books: Modeling for Manufacturing, Milling, Basic Turning and Mill-Turn.

Kim Anton

The Best of Helsinki
A Weekend at the Opera in Savonlinna, Finland

Max Boyle

The Honest Tribe – Travels in Finland

Erin Dahl

Lapland – North of the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia

Irene De Benedictis

Spaghetti & Sauna

Juha T. Hakala

The Art of Scientific Creativity

Ari Hakkarainen

Algarve, Southern Portugal
Behind the Screen
Gothenburg and Sweden’s West Coast
Valencia, Spain

Janne Honkanen

8 Arctic Seasons

Juho Leskinen

Discussions on Electricity – Introduction to Effects and Applications of Electricity and Magnetism

Kari Ojala

The Engineer’s Cookbook

Stephen Parliament

The Herder’s Boots

Marko Päkki

Finnish Cookbook with Modern Flavors

Jan Rolland

The Gems of Nice and the French Riviera

Päivi Ruuska

Glow of the North

Russell Snyder

Analysis of the Finnish Tango
I, Helsinki
The Lighter Side of Finland

Inka Tolonen

Glow of the North

Soile Varis

A Concise History of Finland – the 11th to the 21st Century

H-P Virkki

Stunts, Scenes and Safety – Introduction to Movie Stunts

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