The Lighter Side of Finland, 5th Edition

The world’s funniest and most entertaining Finnish guidebook: culture, people, places and etiquette

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Author: Russell Snyder
Publisher: Klaava Media
Published: March 2013
978-952-5901-56-6 (Amazon Kindle)
978-952-5901-55-9 (Apple iPad and iPhone)
978-952-5901-54-2 (EPUB)

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By popular request, The Lighter Side of Finland, the world’s funniest and most entertaining guidebook, has been published as a 5th edition! Completely rewritten, updated, improved and refined, the book provides a humorous, but positive view of Finland.

What are Finland’s economic strengths? Who was the King of Finland? Can anyone learn the Finnish language? Is Finnish food edible? Can a foreigner survive a Finnish sauna? What is Finland’s unique sport? What was Santa Claus like as a young man?

These vital questions are answered in the book. The Lighter Side of Finland is an enlightening and informative book that puts an end to the myth that Finland doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Read The Lighter Side of Finland, and find out what makes this northern powerhouse work!

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Author Interviews

Fontanka: Светлая сторона Финляндии глазами американца
Klaava: How to survive in Finland as an American author

Table of Contents

Finland Boiled Down
History Highlights
An Economy Story
Supervising Chemicals
Business, Finnish Style
The Kivinen Family
Trees, Trees and More Trees
What Is Everyman’s Right?
Being Good Sports
Summer Movement
Winter Movement
The Society of Saunas
Helsinki Confidential
The Bike Ride
Karelian Seurasaari
The Art of Being Transported
Cities and Towns beyond Helsinki
Oh Land
Go North
A Break
Going Fishing
Finnish Food For Thought
Finns and Firewater
Finnish Wordcrafters
The Finnish Way of Learning
Take a Holiday
The Longest Day
It’s Only Politics
Music to Finnish Ears
Your Festival or My Festival?
Visiting the Neighbor
Four Wheel Finland
Finland’s World of Heritage
The Northern Superstar
Learn Finnish in a Few Minutes