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Mongolia is barren, dry and remote country, but it also has beautiful moments and landscapes


Few people travel to Mongolia for vacation probably because the destination doesn’t have any obvious tourist attractions. The statue of Genghis Khan in capital Ulaanbaatar alone isn’t a reason to plan a trip to Mongolia, but there are many other reasons. CNN reporters have discovered the beauty of the country and show it to all of us in a photo gallery.

Stephen Parliament has worked in Mongolia both in an office in Ulaanbaatar, and in the countryside with herders. He wrote a book titled Herder’s Boots about the places he visited, people he met and life in Mongolia. After reading the book, most readers expressed two things: they never realized how hard herders life could be, and how worried readers are about mining industry’s access to the resources buried in the ground. Mining prevents herders from conducting their traditional work.

Below is a photo gallery from Stephen Parliament’s Mongolia book. Take a look at CNN’s photo gallery of 18 beautiful Mongolia moments as well.

The Herder's Boots, Mongolia travel story book

The statue of Genghis Khan on front of The Great Hural, Legislative building, UB

The statue of Genghis Khan on front of The Great Hural, Legislative building, UB

Camel herder, ebook on Mongolia travel

Camel herders

open road into the horizon in Gobi desert, Mongolia book

Mongolia travel book, photo gallery

Gers ready for another move: all possessions of a herder family

Take a free three-week trip around France with Le Tour


The world’s largest public event probably is the annual cycling race around France – Le Tour de France. The first race took place in 1903 when newspaper reporters and photographers followed the race and reported what had happened. The race passed through villages, towns and cities, allowing millions of people to get a glimpse of the event. After television technology had developed into a stage that allowed helicopters to film and transmit live images to national and international networks, the popularity of the race exploded.

As Le Tour de France live television images from helicopters and motorcycles spread around the world, French tourism office realized their value. For years, television broadcasts from the race have been beautifully planned, shot and directed. Not only they show us the exciting three-week race, but at the same time, we can watch beautiful, stunning and funny sceneries from across France.
tour de france, map route 2015
This is how you get your free three-week trip around France: watch Le Tour and keep track on provinces, towns, mountain passes and coastal areas the race passes by. You will see cities (even the Eiffel tower and Champs Elysees in Paris), high mountains, rustic villages, beach resorts, and varying landscape in between them.

In 2015, Le Tour starts from Netherlands, travels through Normandy and Brittany, skips to the Pyrenees and the Alps before ending in Paris. This year’s race misses the central regions and Provence, but that’s always the case – every part of the large country can’t be covered, although the cyclists race 3360 kilometers between July 4th and July 26th. Le Tour web pages have all the details.

Here is a photo gallery from Tour de France races in 1920s and 1930s. Many towns, roads and sceneries are the same as in recent editions of the race. The roads, however, are paved and cobblestones are rare.

a boy with ducks along le Tour de France

Somewhere along the route cyclists see a boy with ducks.

Tour de France, mountain road

Plenty of beautiful mountain views along the route.

tour de france passes through a city

Racing through a city. Cobblestones are rare today.

Le tour racing through countryside in Provence

A scenery somewhere in Provence or Languedoc.

tour de france in the alps

In the Alps.

tour de france racing through a village

Racing through a village. There are no unpaved roads in Tour de France anymore.

trees provide shade for riders of tour of france

A road lined with trees somewhere in Normandy or Brittany.

A large hand-picked photo gallery of old Tour de France images is available in the book Goggles & Dust.

Planning to travel to France? Download a travel guide to southern France here.