Travel news digest: Airbnb says road trips are in, EU opens borders for tourists, campervan packing tips

autobahn a5 in herbolzheim, germany
Autobahn A5 in southern Germany.

EU to allow visitors from 14 countries in July

European countries are opening their borders for travelers in July 2020 after the first wave of corona virus has subsided. Travel within EU is mostly allowed (Sweden is an exception), and 14 countries outside the EU is shown the green light. Despite the high number of cases, UK passports are welcomed to the EU zone. Those tourists who decide to visit, for instance, southern European countries where some regions heavily rely on tourism for income, are actually getting a warm welcome from locals.

Airbnb CEO: Travel will never, ever go back to the way it was

Flights are out. Road trips are in. Airbnb has the data to prove CEO’s claim that travelers like to pack their gear into a car and drive somewhere not too far to have a holiday or vacation. Europe is ideal for road trips, so we will see how the summer of 2020 is experienced on the autobahns and campsites.

Norway’s capital Oslo has opened a new pretty library

The Nordic countries are fascinating to explore in summer when there is light through the night and everything is green (instead of winter when everything is white). Scandinavian countries have opened their borders for EU travelers, except for Swedes. Sweden has such a high rate of virus cases that its neighbor countries don’t allow Swedes to cross the border. Anyhow, the new Deichman Bjorkvika library in Oslo is worth visiting if you are traveling in Norway.

Spain is welcoming visitors to the beaches and historical cities

A video clip in television news showed hotel staff clapping hands, warmly welcoming first tourists to Spain after the virus lockdown ended. Many Mediterranean towns rely on tourists for income, but the city of Valencia is big and economically diverse enough to live its life with or without tourists. It is one of the best city destinations in Spain.

This is why your mobile phone is constantly being tracked

I can tell one thing you will carry along for your next trip: a mobile phone. Practically no one leaves home without it. Security and privacy experts have warned us for years that we should be careful how those small computers are used. Sure, settings can be tweaked, protective apps installed, but there is a reason why your mobile will track you all over the world.

Packing a campervan for a road trip or for a period of vanlife

A good, practical article that provides concrete advice for packing clothes and gear for a trip in a van or motorhome. My key tips: don’t tell yourself “I’ll buy it during the trip” because if you don’t have it when the engine starts you can forget about it, and practice with trips shorter than two weeks before launching on a longer journey.

New outdoor adventure protocols: What your group members should know

Lockdowns and restrictions caused by contagious virus will be lifted one day, and guided groups can venture for hiking, cycling, kayaking, and other outdoor adventures. Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) in the US has drafted new rules for safe group adventures.

Action camera and phone camera stabilizer GravGrip

Everyone who shoots video clips with an action camera or phone camera on a hiking trail, water park, or on the road should appreciate a small image stabilizer with an everlasting battery. Well, GravGrip is a Kickstarter project that promises to deliver a tiny stabilizer that doesn’t require a battery. Be cautious. I have used a mechanical stabilizer before, and they are far from perfect or even satisfactory.

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