Ebook news digest: Internet improves writing, travel can be political, two approaches to travel writing

Tavira, Portugal: a non-digital nomad in a park
A writer taking notes in a park in Algarve, Portugal

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Is the Internet Making Writing Better?

The New Yorker examines linguist Gretchen McCulloch’s new book “Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language”. The review concludes: Yes, the internet is making writing better.

Excerpt: Rick Steves’s ‘Travel as a Political Act: How to Leave Your Baggage Behind’

Rick Steves has published a book that talks about how to travel and learn about the world. The principle is simple (but surprisingly difficult to do): travel in regions that are out of your comfort zone, interact with local people, and learn.

The Ultimate List of Self-Publishing Resources

Publishdrive has collected a long, but relevant list of book publishing experts, bloggers, ebooks, and other resources for self-publishers.

Klaava Travel Guide to South Coast of Portugal, the Algarve Province

Recently, Portugal has won so many awards for its travel destinations, beaches, resorts and other tourist attractions that the country is one of the hottest places to visit now. South coast, Algarve, has been a favorite destination for Europeans for years, but now also everyone else is discovering the region.

The Anatomy of a Book Review

Terry Whalin makes a strong point why readers and writers should take a little time and write a review for every book the have read. He gives a few tips how to make it without extra effort.

Where to Buy Ebooks? The Best Online Ebook Stores

Everyone knows that Amazon has a the Kindle Store where you can purchase ebooks, as well as Apple and Google have their bookstores. This article lists a couple of stores that I didn’t know about. Books subscription services, like Scribd, 24symbols, or Storytel would have deserved to be mentioned as well.

How Often And When To Post On Social Media

According to the statistics collected by social media services, it really matters when you post on Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram or Facebook. Posts on weekdays and morning hours seem to get more attention than, for instance, an update after 10 pm on Saturday evening.

The Washington Post is reinventing travel writing to help you live like a local

While The New York Times hired a professional writer to travel to 52 destinations during a year, and write an article about each one, The Washington Post has recently decided to do something else. The Post asks writers how actually live in destinations to write about their home regions.

Seinäjoki Apila library, Finland
Apila library in Seinajoki, Finland.

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