The prettiest city in north Italy: Torino

flower market in turin city center. photo by arihak
Market in Torino city center.

Two cities attract visitors in northern Italy: Milan and Torino (also known as Turin in the English speaking world). If I had to choose which one to visit if I had to choose only one, I would travel to Torino without a second thought. Torino is a pretty city with historical palaces, piazzas, statues, markets, churches and houses, where daily life goes on like it only does in Italy.

Although the population of Torino city is about 800 000, and the entire metropolitan area is home to 2.2 million people, the city itself doesn’t feel like a congested space, thanks to the open parks and squares that provide clean and neat wide open spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy.

piazza corridor in torino, italy. image by arihak.
Torino city center shady corridor.
flower market in turin city center, photo by arihak.
A pedestrian street in Torino city center.

A perfectly fine plan to explore Torino is to walk, ride a bicycle or ride a scooter in the city center, and visit the sights that you encounter. There are so many interesting places to visit that you should reserve a day at minimum, or more to enjoy the atmosphere and the sights of the beautiful city.

The river Po borders the center in the east, and Dora Riparia in the north. Torino’s tourist office provides the details for the sights in the city, and information about guided tours.

For nature lovers, The Alps mountain range loom in the west and north of the city (a scenic drive in Aosta Valley towards the mighty Mont Blanc is an unforgettable experience), the picturesque lakes Maggiore and Como in the northeast, and the Mediterranean Sea in the south.

river po in turin, italy (torino)
River Po in Torino.