H-P Virkki

Harri-Pekka Virkki’s stunt career started when he graduated from the advanced course of dangerous stunt work at Turku School of Art and Communication in 1994. Since then, he has worked in numerous movies, TV-series, commercials and music videos in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia.

H-P has performed on-stage, for instance, in “Voiton päivä” at the Helsinki City Theatre (live stunt, director Juha Malmivaara, original text by Pirkko Saisio, 1994), “Drive or Die!” at the Finnish National Theatre (live stunt, director Kari Heiskanen, original text by K. Heiskanen and Jukka Vieno, 1994), “Killer Joe” at Viirus Theatre (fight choreography, director Maarit Ruikka, original text by Tracy Letts, 1995), “Rosvo-Roope” musical (stunt actor, engl. “Raunchy Ropey”, director Ville Sandqvist, 1996), “Robin Hood”, “King Creole” (fight choreography, director Pekka Saaristo, 1995 and 1998), “Peppi Pitkätossu” (fight choreography, engl. Pippi Longstocking, director Minna Nurmelin, 1998), “Killer Joe” at Pori Theatre (fight choreography, director Reino Bragge, 2001), and in the final act of the Eurovision Song Contest (stunt actor, 2013).

In 2001, he authored a book titled “Stuntista Toiseen” with Tuomas Marjamäki. One of the first Finnish multimedia books geared for tablets, “Action! Stuntkohtausten suunnittelu ja kuvaus,” was published in 2014. Stunts, Scenes and Safety – Introduction to Movie Stunts was published in 2015.

H-P Virkki has been an active member of the Finnish Aikido Federation committee on education, and he has led numerous aikido training sessions and seminars. He has also taught aikido and stunt work at the Theatre Academy of Helsinki (TEAK). In addition to actors, he has also instructed professional ice hockey and football players, actor students and dancers of the Finnish National Opera.

H-P is a keen aviator: he has completed a helicopter pilot training course conducted by Helitour Oy, and he has a license to fly. He has also been involved in aerial photography projects.

H-P Virkki’s IMDB page: imdb.me/hpvirkki. Stage 32 profile:

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