Germany made an offer that is hard to refuse: travel one month for 9 euros

wismar, germany, hansa town
Wismar in Germany.

Germany’s travel industry has made an offer that I find difficult to refuse. You can buy a ticket for 9 euros that is valid for one summer month 2022 in public transportation. Yes, you can use the one and the same ticket for an entire month to explore Germany by train or bus.

The key points to know if you want to take advantage of the 9 euro ticket are:

  • The ticket must be purchased in advance, for instance, at, from ticket machines at stations, or at travel centers.
  • A ticket is valid from the 1st to the last day of the month you choose (June, July, or August).
  • Tickets are for local and regional transport, they are not valid on long distance trains or buses.
  • Children under six years don’t need a ticket, but everyone else does.
  • Dogs and bicycles must be paid separately as specified in each transport company’s price list. In addition, DB (the railway company) reminds that it is difficult to take bicycles on board in August because of vacation season in central and southern Europe.

Germany is a large country where you can explore historic cities, ancient small towns and villages, castles, wine regions, mighty rivers, high mountains, and protected forests. Well-known destinations, like Berlin, Hamburg, Bonn, Munich, and Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria are always interesting, but if you want something else, here are a few recommendations (you have an entire month for touring Germany, after all).

  • Medieval Hansa towns, such as Wismar, Rostock and Lubeck on the coast of the Baltic Sea are fabulous discoveries. They are pretty and peaceful towns where the old town centers and harbors attract visitors.
  • Rivers, like Rhein and Mosel that flow across Germany are so large that in some locations they have a microclimate suitable, for instance, for vineyards. Because the rivers used to be the highways in the past, plenty of villages and castles can be found on the river banks. River cruises are a specialty worth trying out.
  • The southern border of Germany touches the Alps mountain range that continues to Austria and Switzerland.
  • Large protected forests, like Schwarzwald in south and Harz in central region are fine places to explore the nature. They are popular among hikers and cyclists.
schwarzland, germany
Misty morning in Schwarzwald, Germany.

Timeout reported about the 9 euro travel ticket.

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