Try something new on your next trip: visit the most unfriendly cities of the world

Many polls and surveys have asked travelers opinions on the best cities of the world, and the best cities to live in. These polls give you ideas which cities feel easy to digest, look beautiful or have people who are keen to help a tourist. If you look at the tail end of one of these lists, you will find cities that get little or no love from visitors. Travel + Leisure did exactly this: they wanted to discover which cities are the most unfriendly in the world.

The top 10 list of the world’s most unfriendly cities is dominated by U.S., Russian and French destinations:
1. Moscow, Russia
Bad traffic, aloofness and poor culinary culture don’t impress tourists.
Moscow, Russia

2. Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
Not exactly a jewel of the east coast where fast-paced people run gambling businesses.
Atlantic City, New Jersey

3. St Petersburg, Russia
Beautiful city, but language problems and cautious residents don’t welcome visitors.
St Petersburg, Russia

4. Marseille, France
A long history of high crime rates shows, although the city has developed into a cultural destination in recent years.

5. Los Angeles, California, USA
Rude people who are trying to scam one another and tourists.
Los Angeles, California

6. New York, USA
Don’t bother to ask for help or advice from a New Yorker.
New York, Manhattan

7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
If you are a sports fan, you better be a fan of a local team or talk about something else.

Philadelphia, Photo by Chris Hunkeler
Philadelphia Night Skyline, Photo by Chris Hunkeler

8. Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Protests kept tourists away from the city.

Baltimore harbor, photo by Beau Considine
Baltimore harbor, photo by Beau Considine

9. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Seedy nightlife and flamboyant performances didn’t convince visitors.
Las Vegas

10. Cannes, France
Voters didn’t like high prices in Cannes that don’t justify the aging beauty’s charm anymore.
Cannes, France

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View the whole Top 30 list of the worl’d unfriendliest cities at Travel + Leisure web site.

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