Top 10 safest countries to visit in Europe

harlem, netherlands. photo curtis poe.
Harlem, Netherlands. Photo by Curtis Poe.

Every traveler has a set of criteria that he or she knowingly or unknowingly applies for making decisions where to travel. Some people like to live dangerously, whereas many people prefer safe destinations, especially if they are planning an overseas trip. The safest countries in the world are in northern Europe at the moment. Here is the top 10 list of safest countries in Europe, and to complement it, also a ranking of European cities with the highest crime rate.

  1. Netherlands
  2. Denmark
  3. Iceland
  4. Norway
  5. Germany
  6. Sweden
  7. Switzerland
  8. Spain
  9. Ireland
  10. United Kingdom

The ranking for the safest countries to travel was put together by travel insurance company Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP). It includes 15 countries across the world. 11 of the safest countries are in Europe with Australia, Canada, New Zealand and UAE taking the rest of the positions.

Only Spain from south Europe made it to the top 10 that is dominated by countries in northern and central Europe. World’s favorite travel destinations France and Italy were left outside top 10. Let’s see if the ranking of cities with the highest crime rates in Europe would explain why.

bradford, uk. photo tim green.
Bradford, UK. Photo Tim Green.

Top 20 European cities with highest crime rate (in descending order, from high to low):

  1. Bradford, United Kingdom
  2. Marseille, France
  3. Catania, Italy
  4. Coventry, United Kingdom
  5. Nantes, France
  6. Birmingham, United Kingdom
  7. Naples, Italy
  8. Montpellier, France
  9. Liege, Belgium
  10. Nice, France
  11. Minsk, Belarus
  12. Grenoble, France
  13. Paris, France
  14. Athens, Greece
  15. Malmo, Sweden
  16. Manchester, United Kingdom
  17. Brussels, Belgium
  18. Amadora, Portugal
  19. London, United Kingdom
  20. Drogheda, Ireland

Numbeo service that maintains statistics about cost of living across the world compiled the crime index from opinions of people who have visited designated cities.

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