Montreal Airport Promotes Local Authors by Providing Ebooks to Travelers

For many travelers, spending hours on an airplane is valuable time because it means a long uninterrupted period for reading books. Earlier, travelers used to buy pocketbooks from airport bookshops but nowadays ereaders or tablets carry our books. Montreal Trudeau airport in Canada has made it easy for travelers to discover ebooks before flight.

montreal airport ebooks, Lire vous transport

Ebooks for travelers at Montreal airport are available on Lire vous transporte web site. The service was launched in early April 201. In the beginning, the selection is only 35 French-language books. It is possible to read a sample of each book for free online or download a PDF file for offline reading. If the book is a good read, local people can borrow it as an ebook from Montreal or Quebec public library. Others can buy the book.

There is not much in the Lire vous transporte program that a savvy ebook reader couldn’t achieve without the service, but the fact that a large airport promotes local authors and reminds travelers to read ebooks is always nice

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