12 steps for writing a better book, article or blog post

Everyone who has written more than a few articles or blog posts – not to mention writing a book – knows how hard work it can be. It is a lot of fun, it is very rewarding, but you have to be able concentrate for quite a long time in order to get anything sensible done before it can be published. A step-by-step guide can help writers to get started on their next project, and more importantly, stay focused on the job they have.

Ann Handley has written a book titled Everybody Writes – Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content. The steps for writing better blog posts, articles or books outlined in the book have been published as an infographic. You can find the whole detailed infographic below, just after the summary of the steps.

1. Determine your goal.
2. Reframe your goal with the reader in mind.
3. Make sure you have data to support your argument.
4. Think about the most suitable publishing platform.
5. Have a person in your mind who you are writing to.
6. Write the first draft, but remind yourself it is only a start.
7. Take a break from writing.
8. Rewrite (or edit).
9. Create a great title.
10. If you can find someone else to edit, do it. If you can’t, take a break and do something else, and then take a look at your text with fresh eyes.
11. Give it one more thorough read.
12. Publish.

ann handley: everybody write, infographic

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