Top 10 sustainable travel destinations and experiences for 2021

gothenburg, sweden, europe
Gothenburg, Haga neighborhood.

The pandemic year 2020 has prompted many travelers to reconsider their travel habits and destinations. Why do I have to fly? Why is a remote destination important for me? Why do I have to travel to the same city that everyone else is visiting? Good questions that may cause a traveler to think about sustainability of travel. El Viajero has published the most sustainable travel destinations and activities for 2021. Let’s take a look at some surprising discoveries.

  1. City destination: Gothenburg, Sweden
    Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city, located on the south-west coast of the Scandinavian country. It is a pleasant city to visit: youthful, multicultural, easy to move around, green, wide variety of restaurants, and plenty of historic and modern sights to explore. 95% of hotels in Gothenburg have been green certified, 97% of public transport is powered by renewable energy. The city celebrates its 400th birthday in 2021. My favorites in the city? The old town inside canals (Inom Vallgraven) and the former hunting ground of the kings Slottsskogen that is a large accessible park and zoo today.
slottsskogen park, gothenburg, sweden
Slottsskogen park in Gothenburg.

2. Island: Palau in the Pacific Ocean
The archipelago of 576 islands of Palau in the Pacific Ocean is a tropical paradise that has designated 80% of its territory as marine preserve.

3. Resort: Grootberg Lodge in Namibia
Wildlife is preserved in the area because the lodge provides legal work for poachers who were earlier hunting for animals for living.

4. Cycling: Virginia Mountain Bike Trails in the US
480 miles / 770 km of trails for cyclists in Blue Mountain Ridge in Virginia.

5. Food: Greece
The argument for nominating Greece as the sustainable food travel destination is that ingredients tend to be local.

train in canada rocky mountains
Rocky Mountaineer.

6. Train journey: Rocky Mountaineer in Canada
Rocky Mountains is a spectacular mountain range where wildlife is abundant and possibilities for outdoor activities endless. A train trip on the mountains lets you enjoy the views while sitting comfortably on your seat.

7. New destination: Antigua and Barbuda
An archipelago of 365 islands east of Puerto Rico is welcoming visitors, but has made it known that is a green destination with restrictions in place, for instance, for use of plastic.

8. Wildlife program: Rwanda
The successful program for protecting mountain gorillas is bearing fruit. In addition to gorillas, also visitors are welcomed.

9. Hike: Dante’s route in Italy
Le Vie di Dante is a trail that has been inspired by the legendary author Dante. The route starts from Ravenna and 245 miles / 395 km later ends in Florence.

10. Writer: Soraya Abdel-Hadi
The UK based writer Sorays Abdel-Hadi is an advocate of sustainable travel.

dante hiking trail in italy
Dante’s route in Italy.

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