The Orange Firm – The Story of Roschier

The Orange Firm – The Story of Roschier

Ebook: The Orange Firm

Authors: Ross Cogan, Christine Vesterinen
Ebook production: Klaava Media
Published: 1. edition, September 2011

Firm values in a changing world. Today, Roschier is one of Northern Europe’s most successful law firms. When it was founded 75 years ago, however, no one could have foreseen how successful it would become.

The firm’s journey from obscurity to a place among Europe’s legal elite is a fascinating one, marked by triumphs and failures, and shaped by many vivid personalities. Above all, it shows how a business can retain its core values as it expands and develops.

In the tradition of the best corporate case studies, this thought-provoking story will appeal to anyone interested in how organizations can remain true to their vision in a changing world.


Chapter 1: The value driven firm
– How Roschier’s early history sowed the seeds of its success
Chapter 2: The learning organization
– How Roschier started to develop its earliest structures, and what it learned
Chapter 3: Ahead of the curve
– How the firm adapted to the changing economic environment to survive and thrive
Chapter 4: Out of Moomin Valley: women at Roschier
– How Roschier’s open culture has always allowed it to make the best use of its people
Chapter 5: The art of walking in the same direction
– How Roschier developed into a smooth-running professional organization
Chapter 6: Roschier reaches out
– How the firm started to look within – and beyond – its borders
Chapter 7: Stockholm

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The Orange Firm – The Story of Roschier
ISBN 978-952-5901-12-2 (EPUB)
ISBN 978-952-5901-13-9 (Amazon Kindle)

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