Before booking a hotel room for your next trip, check out its Wi-Fi speed

Practically every hotel and hostel advertises that they have a wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi, WLAN) available for free or for a small fee. Sure, but does the wireless access really work? Is it fast enough for web browsing, watching news from home, or even for games? Now, there is a way to find it out in advance.

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We have been disappointed so many times to the speed of our Wi-Fi connection in a hotel or apartment we have rented during our journey. Any information or service that hares information about the real in-house situation will increase competition among hotels and improve connection speeds with time.

Here is a story what happened to us two years ago. We were staying in a hotel by the Mediterranean Sea in Catalonia, Spain. Wi-Fi worked pretty well in the morning and in the afternoon, but at five o’clock, the signal almost died. On the second day, when it happened again, we realized that something had to be wrong. We decided to find out where the Wi-Fi hotspot was. We learned that the hotel’s broadband connection was in the back office, and that’s where nearest Wi-Fi access point was supposed to be as well.

The back office was closed, and we had to wait until next morning before we could talk to the people working in the office. Sure enough, we discovered the Wi-Fi access point in the office. The wireless connection worked fine. Why? Because the back office door was open during the day. It was a metal door.

We managed to convince hotel management to move the Wi-Fi access point outside the metal door. In addition to us, many other hotel guests were happy about that small change in hotel’s network configuration.

In any case, you can check out the speed of wireless connection in a hotel you are planning book here: Hotelwifitest.

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