Skiing in Tahkovuori, Finland

Skiing in Tahkovuori, Finland – Klaava Travel Guide

Ebook: Skiing in Tahkovuori, Finland

Author: Kim Anton
Photography, movies: Kim Anton
Publisher: Klaava Media
Published: April 2013
ISBN: 978-952-5901-35-1
Price: free

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Skiing in Tahkovuori provides valuable information to vacation planners, downhill skiers, cross-country skiers and all people who love outdoors activities in the snow or on ice. If you are planning a trip to Northern Europe, you will quickly get a good understanding what Tahkovuori, Finland has to offer for you.

This book describes wintertime activities that are available in Tahkovuori, places where you can stay during your holiday, where you can enjoy good food and drinks, and places worth visiting in the area.

The mission of the book is to show you the important things about the destination, instead of just telling you about the sights and activities. The focus is on visual information. That’s why the content of the book is organized around photographs and videos.

After reading this book, you will be able to make up your mind if you want to travel to Tahkovuori, you have essential information for planning your wintertime activities, and you know where you want to stay during your trip. If you decide to go, take your iPad with you. When you reach Tahkovuori, you’ll find many useful tips in this book.

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    Skiing and Snowboarding
    Cross-Country Skiing
    Snowmobiles and Rally Cars
    Place to Visit Near Tahkovuori
    Caravan Park
Food and Drink
    Fast Food
    Pubs, Bistros and Cafes
Brief History

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