Travel guide to South Portugal shows you the best beaches and sights to see

street and houses by the port of vila real de santo antonio in portugal. Image by arihak.
Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Algarve.

Algarve is the southernmost province of Portugal. Only a stretch of salty water separates the province’s south coast from North Africa, which makes Algarve one of the southest in Europe. The south coast has become so popular as a tourist, digital nomad and winter escapee destination that its most popular beaches are practically packed with sunbathers during the summer, and popular places near the coast are filled with campervans during the winter. We have updated the Klaava Travel Guide to Algarve for visitors who want to explore the region outside their hotel neighborhood, find the best sights and perhaps discover authentic Portuguese experiences off the beaten path.

The Algarve travel guidebook covers the popular vacation destinations, like Albufeira, Lagos, Portimao, Quarteira, and Armacao de Pera, as well as idyllic small towns and villages like Tavira, Sagres, Luz, Santa Luzia, and Vila Real de Santo Antonio.

For the second edition of the book we have added a number of destinations in Algarve where life goes on as it has for hundreds of years. Tourism is slowly creeping into these villages as well, but it is still possible to experience the authentic Portuguese lifestyle on the streets, markets, shops, and cafes.

path to a beach on west coast of algarve, portugal. car park with campervans
West Coast.

A significant update for road travelers is the new law in Portugal that restricts parking of caravans, motorhomes, and campervans. Since the south coast attracts vehicles from central and northern Europe in droves, especially in winter, some municipalities in Algarve apply new restrictions so extensively that travelers have to go somewhere else.

The west coast of Algarve (think of it as the coast north of Sagres) is a renowned destination among surfers who are familiar with the secluded beaches and waves that carry surf boards. If you are willing to drive a few kilometers along narrow, bumpy roads you can discover these beautiful, peaceful beaches and their natural environment as well.

The key objective of this travel guidebook is to show you around Algarve. What is it like? How are the main tourist towns – does that one look attractive, because the other one doesn’t? The busiest towns, and quiet villages. Which fishing villages are worth a visit? Is there a way to embark on a sea trip? The best inland destinations in Algarve province? What is the prettiest town and village in Algarve? The best food or wine? Where are the historical sites? Any castles? What you should avoid in the region?

The guidebook comes with plenty of photos and maps that help you make your plans where to go and what to do.

book cover image: algarve, portugal travel guide

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