Manage your action camera photo and video shots remotely from the Apple Watch

GoPro action cameras are popular among adventure travelers, explorers and adrenaline junkies. GoPro is also the default add-on camera for many drone models that don’t come with a camera of their own. Controlling the camera can sometimes be difficult if it is attached, for instance, to a helmet and hands are not free to hold a smartphone that is connected to the camera. To solve this problem, GoPro has developed an app for the Apple Watch.
gopro camera app on apple watch
Once you have downloaded the GoPro application to the Apple Watch, you can see what the camera sees on the smartwatch display. You can tap the watch screen to take a photo or start video recording.

The configuration is not as straightforward as using the watch as a remote camera controller. The setup requires an iPhone where the GoPro app is connected to the GoPro camera via Wi-Fi. Once that connection is working, you connect the Apple Watch to the iPhone and gain control over the camera from the smartwatch.

Digital Trends tried it out and created a video that shows the Apple Watch GoPro camera in action.

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