Drop your selfie stick, Giga Selfie frames both you and the landscape around you

Many travelers don’t leave their vacation destination without lots of photos and – above all – without a number of selfies. Selfie sticks have become so popular that they have been banned in many places in Paris, whereas selfie drones (a small quadcopter that can snap photos above you) may be a hit product by next year’s vacation season. But no worries, mate: Australia’s tourism promotion organization has developed Giga Selfies – pictures that capture both you and the landscape around you.
giga selfie, gold coast Australia
Giga Selfies are available now, but only in Australia and only in select locations. For now, Australia is marketing Giga Selfies to Japanese tourists alone, as you can see from the Giga Selfies web page.
Giga Selfies, Australia tourism
It is not a product you can buy, but a free service to travelers provided by the tourism organization. Here is how Giga Selfies work:
– Download the Giga Selfie app to your smartphone.
– When you are visiting one of the predefined locations (current samples are from Gold Coast, South Coast and Sydney), find a marked spot on the ground. You have to stand on that spot.
– Using the app on your phone, let the high-definition camera – that has been set up about 100 yards away – know that you are ready for the photo shoot.
– The camera will take your picture and email it to you.

Based on samples that Tourism Australia has published, Giga Selfies are beautiful, high-resolution images that tourists will appreciate. In September 2015, the first Giga Selfie event is organized on the Gold Coast. It will be interesting to view more images in order to find out if the service works as planned. If it does, it would be easy to expand the service to tourists arriving in Australia from other countries than Japan.

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