Eight Arctic Seasons

8 Arctic Seasons – Discover, Taste, Experience

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Author: Janne Honkanen
Published: April 2016
978-952-7074-65-7 (Kindle PDF)
978-952-7074-64-0 (PDF)

Lifestyle and tradition combine in this richly illustrated, ultimate expression of the Arctic’s varied, contemporary gourmet delights. 8 Arctic Seasons introduces the wonders and delicacies of Lapland through the unique wildlife and annual cycle of the North. In this book, herders, wilderness guides, fishermen, gold prospectors and many other people talk about their passion for Lapland.

Over the cycle of its eight subtle seasonal transitions, Lapland’s Arctic wilderness alternates between the stark, mysterious beauty of mid-winter and the sun-flooded frenzied light of high summer. Luxury Action’s North Pole Menu, presented in the book, takes as its inspiration the Discoveries, Tastes and Experiences of this dramatic, eight-phase annual adventure for the senses.

In autumn, for example, it’s time to stock up for the winter, as thick blankets of snow gradually envelope the frozen lands. Calving time, salmon migration, foraging, and berry and mushroom harvests are some of the major activities that schedule Arctic life. The food, consisting mainly of game meat, wild plants, berries, mushrooms and fish, is local, pure, ethnic and ecological.

Janne Honkanen is the Founder and CEO of Luxury Action, the leading and award winning private travel company based in Finland. The company is a pioneer in creating high-end custom experiences in Lapland, Finland and across the Arctic and Nordic region.

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eight arctic seasons, photography sample
eight arctic seasons, photography sample


Experience arctic delicacies and wilderness
Departure of ice
The ever-rising sun
Midsummer harvest
Colours of autumn
The first snow
Christmas time
Frosty winter
Crusty snow
The North Pole menu