Discussions on Electricity

Discussions on Electricity – Introduction to Effects and Applications of Electricity and Magnetism

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Author: Juho Leskinen
Publisher: Klaava
Published: January 2015
978-952-7074-26-8 (PDF)
978-952-7074-34-3 (Amazon Kindle PDF)

Discussions on Electricity introduces electricity and magnetism to everyone who is interested in the way electricity really works. The book includes concise descriptions on the basic effects and interactions of electricity as well as brief introductions to quantum phenomena and magnetohydrodynamics.

The purpose of the book is to encourage the reader into independent thinking and to encourage questioning why something works as it does. The laws of the nature are not questioned, but their interpretation leaves plenty of room for discussion. Electrical effects, applications, theories and people who have shaped them are discussed in the book.

The book is suitable for students and everyone interested in the nature of electricity.


Chapter 1: Concepts of electricity
1.1 Foundations of electric charge
1.2 Radiation
Chapter 2: Laws and quantities of electric interactions
2.1 Electromagnetism and charge carriers
2.2 Circuit quantities
2.3 Magnetic and electric field alterations
2.4 Effects and characteristics of circuits
2.5 Circuit states and close medium phenomena
2.6 Circuit and signal conditioning
Chapter 3: Electric effects of solar, thermal and piezo
3.1 Thermoelectricity
3.2 Piezoelectricity
3.3 Photovoltaics
Chapter 4: Applications and systems
4.1 Conductors and insulators
4.2 Electrothermal characteristics and electric heating
4.3 Electric power generation
4.4 Sensors and sensing devices
4.5 Electric motors and actuators
4.6 Electric machine control
4.7 Electric powertrains and integrated systems
4.8 Additional applications
4.9 Magnetic resonance and X-ray imaging
Chapter 5: Information networks, quantum effects and alternative ways of power transfer
5.1 Data transmission networks
5.2 Neural networks
5.3 Wireless data and power transmission
5.4 Magnetohydrodynamics
5.5 Quantum electrodynamics
Chapter 6: The Master of Lightning
Chapter 7: Closure
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