What Customers Really Want

What Customers Really Want

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Author: Erkki Leppänen
Publisher: Klaava Media
Published: September 2014
978-952-7074-16-9 (Amazon Kindle)
978-952-7074-18-3 (Apple ibooks)
978-952-7074-17-6 (EPUB)

It is against human nature to do something that does not feel good. Buying certain products and services makes us feel happy, respected, beautiful and successful. A consumer inside all of us actively seeks pleasure and avoids displeasure.

Pleasant experiences have been an important part of the economy for thousands of years. In ancient Rome, the Emperor kept citizens calm by offering people circus entertainment. Concerts and theater performances have always been a key part of the experience economy. In today’s England a person can earn the title Sir (for instance, Sir Paul McCartney) by performing entertaining popular music.

Some consumers have an insatiable desire for pleasant experiences, making the markets for products and services that allow instant gratification practically unlimited. For the most part, consumers are not aware of the real reasons that led to their purchases. Instead, consumers rationalize their purchases.

The purpose of this book is to explain why individuals seek good feeling from instant gratification and what it means for enterprises. The book also shows what marketers can learn from consumers’ tendency to seek good feeling.

Erkki Leppänen is a marketing expert who has worked for enterprises and institutions across the world. He has authored a number of sales and marketing guidebooks.

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